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Poetry: 'Lytham' by Katerina Neocleous


I carry the estuary -
a deadweight
of scuttled boats
among brackish puddles
and sky scudded mudflats,
far from tide and skyline.

Keel to sky I sway
on sea weary legs;
a breached hull
where the years leak
converging with salt flecked
emptiness, and no catch.


A neap tide pulls them
over rook scrub
boat graves and pale
clam beds steeped in mud
to board the long blue jetty.

Alive to the wind battering
the lifeboat station’s rig,
they quicken a resolute step
alone or hand in hand
to its flooded end.


Birds I cannot name
leave prints in the marsh,
small aimless arrows.

Fiction: 'The Snail' by Mandy-Suzanne Wong

You probably don’t get many applicants from Japan.  In accordance with your Diversity Statement, I should think you’d welcome some.  For talents like mine, Japan is the sensible place to look.  Ambiguity--as in being more than one thing and none of them--is the essence of everyday conversation around here.  So is a deep sense that the world is weirder than it looks.

My point is, being Japanese has enabled me to nurture just the kind of talent your organization seeks.  Anti-immigration laws won’t be a problem since I’ll live not in Florida but beside it.

But you’re probably wondering why I’d leave Japan if it’s so perfect.

The truth is a friend of mine died recently.  In classic novels, people often travel after that happens.

Which brings me to the key question on your application form.  Why do I believe myself uniquely suited to your organization in the capacity in which I’m applying?

First of all, Hannibal the Cannibal, the role for which I hope Hauntington Beach Theme Park will gran…