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Poetry: 'Haiku for Odysseus' by Marc Woodward

Odysseus was
strapped to his mast in torment.
Butes dived in to swim

but Aphrodite
rescued him. I cannot hope
for such kind mercy.

So fill up my ears
with the beeswax of TV;
dumb me down with tea,

save me from notions
fancifully tempting me
from other oceans.

Draw the curtains close,
think about work tomorrow:
then upstairs to bed.

Locked inside at night,
safe from rivers of blue lights,
sirens in my head.

Poetry: 'Mermaid-in-waiting' by Dr Charley Barnes

With thanks to Claire
The cliff face causes shade here and there, indents in the land for the fair-skinned to hide in.
I rest on a smoothed rock and comb my windswept hair, winding tendrils that could be roots – or seaweed.
The gulls whistle overhead and the waves growl their response, as though in a long-standing feud.
I remove my rings and sparkle, set it down next to me to catch the sun – to lure the next one in waiting,
and I ask for the sea to take me.