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Poetry: 'whale spins song for safe spell/ a translation' by Sarah Doyle

whale spins song for safe spell a translation
sing map sing salt sing swell sing tide
sing blue sing white sing sky sing wide
sing fin sing tail sing mouth sing tongue
sing skin sing eye sing throat sing lung
sing krill sing graze sing dive sing deep
sing dark sing moon sing dream sing sleep
sing calm sing safe sing old sing long
sing pod sing home sing whale sing song

Poetry: 'A Merry Life, And A Short One' by Kate Garrett

for Bartholomew Roberts

When the chokehold of sulfur and saltpetre
released your men, they found your body cannon-
cradled, dead eyes watching the waiting swell
below. Moments before you stood, jewelled

and sober, every inch a captain; your voice
cut short by scattered shot, commanding sailors
whose rum-lust ways steered you into ruin.
But in their sweet confusion, in the wake

of their survival, they remembered your wis
to be joined with the sea that birthed you:
the peace you made with death, the truce struck
by hourglass, shaking hands with your final

moments when you became a pirate. They will
not sail your body back to England to hang
in chains – your afterlife a heaven of foam
and tides, home in the currents of the Atlantic.