Welcome to The Deck Hand a new journal of maritime art.

A harbour for sea themed creative work of all kinds including; pelagic poetry, pirate prose, maritime music, aquatic art and a bountiful miscellany and creative flotsam and jetsam of all kinds.

Dive in and take a look...


We welcome…
  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Non Fiction
  • Arr
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Miscellany

There are only a few rules;
  • Work must be sea themed (hopefully that's obvious by now)
  • Please include the genre of the submission in the email subject e.g. POETRY SUBMISSION
  • No attachments- all writing should be in the body of the email. Please link images and music to external web sites.
  • No lengthy biographies, just; NAME, LOCATION, PROFESSION & LINK (e.g one from your webpage, Twitter, Instagram etc.) So a finished biog will look something like this ‘William Kidd, Caribbean, Privateer, Twitter Link.’ When accepted the mini biog will go on our Roll Call of successful submariners.

Due to submission volumes we only respond with one of two standard responses either ‘Welcome aboard!' or ‘Not this time matey’

Please address all correspondence to 'The Captain' to - thedeckhand99 (at) gmail.com

Tom Harding Editor (The Captain) tomharding.net, @tomharding99

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